Bob Johnson Chainsaw Carver


After several requests from friends, we're offering custom fish carvings and stock fish sculptures. Larger than life wooden trophies, sculpted by chain saw from native northern white cedar.

Choose from our inventory or personalize your fish with species, size, posture, and finish. Sculptures on hand include trout, bass, and pike/muskie- you can purchase treated or raw natural cedar.

While white cedar is naturally rot-resistant, and can be left to the elements, it takes on a bluish patina (especially in coastal areas). Most folks will prefer a finish or preservative. Inside pieces should be coated with polyurethane while outside displays need a sealer that breathes and is UV resistant.

Pricing for custom carvings will be in line with the pieces in inventory, but please call and chat about your dream fish.

by Bob Johnson


Larger carving projects, like the cedar signage and the Trout Totem Poles are generally my winter projects. Please contact me and we can talk about timing, based on my current commitments.

Follow these links to my cedar carving projects:  

Cedar Sculptures- Individual Fish

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Cedar Husqvarna Sculpture

  • Husqvarna1
  • Husqvarna2
  • Husqvarna3
    Finished wooden sculpture
  • Husqvarna4
    Painted, carved cedar