Johnsons Side Hill Farm Mapleton ME

Johnsons Side Hill Farm

Mapleton, Maine

Trout Totem Pole carved by Bob Johnson

My latest Trout Totem Pole (photo above Jan. 2020) is currently on display in Denver.

Chainsaw-carving-Allagash-Lodge Trout-Totem-Allagash-Lodge-1b

Video of my first Trout Totem Pole.

This Trout Totem Pole is carved from a single northern white cedar log. Because cedar usually grows hollow, I'm always on the lookout for sound logs, but in the totem's case I needed a very large log, so I went to a mill that saws cedar for cabin stock. They actually sold me one of the finest logs on site.

I'm using this wooden fish sculpture as a structural support in my fishing cabin on Narrow Pond. If you'd like a similar Trout Totem Pole please contact me and we can discuss details.

by Bob Johnson



Trout Totem A Trout Totem Pole

Trout Totem Pole Trout Totem Pole


March 2014- Another Fish Totem Pole In Progress

Trout-totem-Mar-2014 Trout-totem-Mar-2014b Trout-totem-Mar-2014c Trout-totem-Mar-2014d Trout-totem-Mar-2014e

Log & Timber Home show 2015

 The Log & Timber Home Show

February 20-22, 2015
We attended The Log & Timber Home Show in Marlborough MA with a Trout Totem Pole, wooden fish carvings and cedar signage.